We are breeders who have a true passion for the Boxer and German Shepherd.  My first puppy was a boxer at the age of four and that was all it took, the boxers had won my heart. After 34 years the boxer was still the dog I loved and wanted to provide an oppurtunity for others to enjoy.  The only way to do that is with healthy, purebred boxers.  We chose to become breeders in 2001, and to this day I know of nothing else I would rather do.

My husband grew up with German Shepherds and so of course the German Shepherd bug bit and we wanted to include them in our kennel. He wanted to do the same thing with the Shepherd, produce a great quality GSD for others to enjoy their loyalty and love. I must add, I never realized there would be enough room in my heart for another breed - however the German Shepherd has definitely found room to move in.

For us this truly is about producing quality not quanity in the Boxer and German Shepherd. They both are very loyal to their families and make awesome pets.

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