Hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas. Just wanted to send you a picture of Wolf. He's out of Magnum and Sanorra and was born Dec. 30th of last year. He is such a wonderful dog. We adore him. He is so smart and obedient and soooo beautiful too. We couldn't be happier. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Hope you have a Happy New Year.

Amy, Donnie, & Chandler

Hi Anita, Kenneth and Gary,
Just a quick note to let you know Bear is doing great, and we absolutely love him.  He is the best dog we have ever owned.  Patsy and I both enjoy him so much, and he is really devoted to staying as close to us as he can.  We got 12" of snow yesterday afternoon and last night, and he had a ball playing in it this morning.  I know Gary would have enjoyed seeing him run like a puppy, jumping, diving through it like a snowplow. 

Anita, please express our hopes for a wonderful Christmas and properous new year to each of you. I just went back to your website and looked at the video and pictures of Bear again.  It reinforces our belief that he was meant for us.  He has adapted so well to all of our family, our daughter and her family, the grandkids, and their German Shepherd who is 9 years old.  They greet each other and play together each time they come up, or we go down to Charlotte.  The very first time they met (Bear and Keeper), they never showed any aggression toward each other, and romped together like they were litter mates.  Looking at the pictures of the litters you have makes me want to get a playmate for Bear, especially the black female pup.

Thought you might enjoy these. Look closely at the picture of the pond with a small pine in front.  Bear almost disappears with the snow all over him. In the picture with the pine tree in the background, note the glove flying through the air.  Patsy dropped one of her gloves, and Bear was tossing it up like he tosses a toy that Patsy stuffs with cut up pigs ears.  Bear learned to toss it up and let it hit the floor so that the pieces would drop out.  It's turned into a nightly ritual for him.

Have a great Christmas!
Ross and Patsy

Hi Anita!

I hope you're doing well. I just thought I'd send you an update on Lexie, along with a few pictures so you can see how she's grown. She's amazing! She sped right through training...our trainer constantly commented on how smart she is and how easy she made his job. She went through a 12 week program in 8 weeks. You were right about her doing anything for a treat! She's incredibly smart and VERY social! She just loves everyone. I got her certified as an AKC Canine Good Citizen and hope to eventually take her to
visit hospitals and nursing homes since she loves people so much. She has to calm down a little first though. She's still very much a puppy and tends to get over excited, especially around new people, so we're working on that. Overall though, she's very well behaved. She still tries to chase the cats, but more because she wants to play (they never do though, haha) and less because she wants to eat them. She's never tried to hurt them, luckily. Over the summer, I brought her with me to my family reunion in New Hampshire. It was about 13 hours or so in the car, and she did very well. In fact, she loved it! She loves riding in the car. I think mostly she loves being able to come with us instead of being left at home. I got a pet hammock for the car, so she just chills out in the back seat while I drive (you'll see in one of the pictures). She does well off-leash too, which I love. She's completely goofy and just a complete joy to have. I feel very lucky to have gotten such a wonderful dog!!!


Anita and Kenneth

Kannon  > formerly amelia<is fitting in well with Koree , has caught a frisbee once , plows into water to beat Koree to frisbee/ball, working on getting her to go off pier to retrieve, and actually  has made Koree start going off pier to retrieve so Koree can beat Kannon to the ball! Koree is so much quicker she always beats Kannon to the ball/frisbee but  Kannon takes it when she gets there!
shes Loves her cage at night , and her pin during the day while I'm gone, Not destroying much,but has started getting into other stuff rather than  their toys!! Overall A+ , doesnt stray when Koree does, stays close to home while they are out~and gets a good workout when we go out on the 4 wheeler !! Boy has this dog got it made!!

Hello Anita
I absolutely, love  Razor.  You can tell that he is my buddy.  If I go in the shop to work, no matter how long, he will be waiting on me to come out.  He listens to me very well, if he and Maggie come in the carport, all I have to do is point to the door and he is gone.  He is very smart, he knows when the underground fence collar is off, he can go out of the yard.  He has never gone out of the yard with it on.  When anyone comes up you can see him studying them, he will get between us and whoever comes up and watch them very close.  Both he and Maggie have been great addditions to our family.  Kristen now gets off the bus at home, and feels safe with the dogs around.  He is also very pretty, I love his colors.

Hey Anita and Kenneth,
You have done some fine work let me tell ya!  At 6 months he is enormous but his feet are still huge.  He is amazing with kids at the club and in the neighborhood.  He just sits and gets a pet and is calm.  Schutzhund is still great I am addicted for sure now.  Panzer just seems to get it all.  He has learned over 15 different tricks and he still amazes me with what he picks up on his own.  He has never chewed up one article of clothing or anything in our home.  He has not gone potty in the house for months and months.  He does however throw toys and plays by himself (gets that from Vylet I assume) yet he follows me everywhere in the home (Gator)  His tracking skills are super at six months he is tracking long long tracks well without missing corners.  His bitework has improved with his adult teeth quite well.  He has a good hold but we are having difficulty getting him to really bark for the sleeve and want it.  He was using a rag up unitl the last 2 weeks and he wouldnt bark for that either.  His courage is really solid thus far we havent been pushing him but letting him have fun but you can rub him down with a whip and he stays hold.  He barks at people coming to the house and at toys no problem so I know he will bark for that sleeve eventually. I plan to take him to regionals this Friday with some people from our club. Get him used to another field and more people around.  His ear never did come up so we got some medical grade glue for a colostomy bag and cut a playing card in the shape of an ear and that worked miracles it is nowstanding after 3 days.  It is still soft so tomorrow I am going to do another card but so far so good.  He isnt scratching it or uncomfortable and its not red so I think we are good on the irritation side.

Anyway we are still training out in wingate and I am building our club site we are having a seminar in April with Wallace Payne I dont know if you all are interested or not but he has quite a list of accomplishments in Schutzhund and our trainer Jeff has worked with him in the past.  Im hoping it goes well all though I am nervous as can be.  So as of now at 6 months I am still working toward that SchH1 and I think you all have produced a dog that will achieve that and more.  I had a k-9 officer stop me to offer to buy him from me a few weeks ago on the way home from training.  Of course I refused his offer without thought but it was complimentary.  I have had several others at parks and places offer money for him or asking where to get one like him and I always refer you.  Well I wont keep you but again thank you for an amazing animal that has exceeded our expectations.  He is going places.

Hey Guys,
Thought I would send some updated pics of Razor.  He is a good boy and very protective of his family!

Hi Anita & Ken,
Hope all is well!  Here's our baby who's is growing up way too fast.  He is so awesome.  He is doing great and is enrolled in basic training and learning quickly.  Thank you for all of your help.
We wish you and your family a very happy holiday season.
Best regards,
Greg, Robin, Lauren, Alex & of course Schultz!

Hey Anita,
Just wanted to drop you a small message to let you know how well MOZZI has adapted already to her new surroundings.  I am sending you a few photos of her
at her new home.. !!  She is so energetic and playful.......i dont know who was more worn out the first two or her.  Lets just say that we all slept well.....!!!!  She is doing very well with the house training and has even started to learn commands very well.  We are so pleased with her......and just to let you know a few of my K9 buddies are even jealous of her.
Thanks so much for selling us such a wonderful animal.

Gun's about to turn a year old in December so I made a picture for yall to show how he has grown up.  He's kinda small, at least compared to Ace he is.  He's a very sweet boy, loves to snuggle, likes to always be with me.   Anyways, Im so happy I was able to find yall and that I got Gun.  He is such a sweet boy!
Thanks so much!

Hi Anita!
I wanted to send you a few (ok, a lot!) of pictures of the puppy. I decided on the name Duke, because he acts so regal when he prances around the house and comes bounding over to me. Since I brought him
home, hes been great. Most nights at first he would put his paws up on the bed to sleep with me as soon as I would lie down, but now hes decided to sleep on the floor next to the bed. He is the best thing to
come home to after work. I have to cuddle with him for about 5 minutes before he will settle down. :) When I am at work at night, he stays with my family; he and my dad have playtime and walks.Training is going really well too, because Duke is so happy to please. He always comes when he is called--more like runs when he is called, he knows how to sit and lie down, and we're working on heel. He does well with the rate too. He really loves greeting dogs and people, and he seems to naturally know to be gentler with kids. He is also a good guard puppy.

Whenever anyone comes to the door, he hears it long before I do, and lets me know. But when I tell him to be quiet, he does that right away. When we are walking and he sees something or someone strange, he sounds off too. Every day we have more fun than the last. My friends and I love my best buddy and new addition to the family. I know that the transition from your house to mine went so well because of all you did. When I got him, he was so loving and always courageous (he is NOT afraid of the vacuum cleaner!). He is just extremely well natured; everyone tells me that. I see bits of Gator, Vylet, and Magnum in him at different times. I really couldn't imagine a better combination of temperament in a dog for me: playful, loving, and confident. So thank you very much for all that you do in breeding really excellent dogs! I will stay in touch. I hope everything is going well for you all.

I have been wanting to write you...Sorry it's been so long, we've be very busy! Nothing on Maya, it's been over 4 months now.... On the other hand Sky is doing great, she is a "ball of fire"! She is growing into a beautiful dog, she shows no signs of being scared... She is fearless! She knows Sit, Down, Come, Stay, and Drop it. She is still very mouthy, she likes to nip when she gets excited, but she's getting better. She is loosing her baby teeth right now, which is great, those baby teeth are sharp! How is Sky's other siblings doing? Are they anything like her, she is SO different than Maya. She is a big lover, she loves sleeping in your lap, but you'd better watch out, she gets something up her butt, and she's HYPER....Out of no where...LOL Oh, and she still LOVES to eat, she doesn't ever leave a piece of food. Where I felt like Maya never ate enough, I have to watch Sky, she will eat too much. We love her, she is a big goof ball!
Talk to you soon!

Hey Anita,
Thought I would drop you a line and say Happy Howloween! :)  Panzer is doing as good as ever.  He has grown so much and its getting harder and harder to hold him.  I took him to the Albemarle trick or treat and ghostwalk last night and he was petted by about 20 kids and he just loved it.  I thought he would be freaked out by all the commotion but he did really good.  Ive been feeding him in the bathtub this week because he hates taking baths but hopefully next time he will pair it with a good thing and not be so upset by it.  His training is great he has been tracking and doing obediance and a  little bit of bitework so far and has done fantastic at all of it.  I take him to my grandfathers every weekend to track in the field and run around and be a puppy.  He goes with me to all of my on-site computer jobs still and is friendly to all who approach him.  He must have Vylets personality I caught him yesterday flinging his toy sheep around and pouncing on it all by himself and it was hilarious.
Take care!
Andie & Evan & Panzer

Rosco is a dream come true. He is an amazing puppy. He is playful , yet attentive. He learned to sit in only ten minutes of training and now does it on command. In the past 4 days he has yet to potty in the crate!  I have also taught him to fetch and it is his favorite way to play. He loves his toys. There is nothing that he likes more than being close to someone. I can't count the amount of kisses he has given me.  He is very intelligent and I am 100% pleased with my new family member. Thank you for everything!     -Tom
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We would like to express our appreciation to everyone who has sent us updates and photos of their German Shepherd(s).  It is always great to hear how things are going and to see how much those little babies have changed since they were last here.  Thank you ALL!!!
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