We would like to express our appreciation to everyone who has sent us updates and photos of their German Shepherd(s).  It is always great to hear how things are going and to see how much those little babies have changed since they were last here.  Thank you ALL!!!
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Hi Anita,
I hadn't written in a while so I thought I'd update you on Lola.  She is doing beautifully.  She's 52 lbs at a little less than 5 months old.  She is sweet as can be and very loving and protective of us.  She's still a bit of an annoyance to Luke, but seems to be getting better and I think when we get her fixed that will get better.  She loves chasing tennis balls and will return them to me most of the time. She has a bit of a stubborn streak that I guess most GSD's have.  We love her to death.  I hope all is well with you.  I am going to forward an email with pictures we took in the Outer Banks a month ago.  She had a ball and absolutely loved swimming and playing in the bay (the ocean was too rough).  
Take care.
(Magnum X  Z Bop)
Sorry I haven't sent a picture sooner, but I couldn't find the webpage again
until now. Missy is doing fantastic, but definitly spoiled! She is growing up
into the dog you thought she would be. Very loving, gentle, and to smart for
her own good sometimes! She weighs 61 pounds now, and she still thinks she can jump onto my lap!!! Thank you so much for bringing her into our family!!!
(Kahlua' X Vylet)
I will let you know Max is doing great!!  We love him so much.  He is
getting big, at his 12 week Vet visit he weighted 25 pounds. Max knows he is handsome.  When he goes for a walk he struts around the neighborhood.  I will try to get some better photos to send.

(Magnum X Chasity)
Buffy is doing great!Almost 14 weeks old and she is awesome. Very intelligent and easy to train. We take her to the pet store every week to keep her well socialized. She scratches the back door when she needs to use the bathroom. The kids do make her a little crazy at times. Buffy loves to fetch which is my favorite thing to do with her. Today is the first day that her ears have stood straight up. Our vet says that she is perfect and we all agree. Thanks again and we'll talk to you soon.
Take care. Joe and family
(Magnum X Chasity)
Leah is doing great. It is hard to remember she is only 6.5 months old, as she is so attentive and easy going. She and Troy continue to bond and they have a great time tiring each other out. We figured out that Leah is a champ at playing Frisbee!! She has never been real interested in playing ball (unlike our other shepherd who would play ball until he dropped). We had a couple  small Frisbees and I threw them one day and she jumped a good 1-2 feet off the ground and catches them mid-air!!
We have started to do some obedience training and boy is she quick to learn. She has caught on to heeling (she LOVES to walk), sitting as soon as you stop and STAY.
Best wishes for a good holiday season and I 'll get you some more pictures soon.
Take care, Jody
(Jake X Chasity)
Hey Anita,
I love the pics of the new litter of German Shepherds on your website. Hopefully when you breed Magnum and Destiny again we can get a little brother or sister for Mauser. He is doing great--still loves to run, play ball and chase anything. He is a great guard dog too. I feel very safe with him here. Have a good night.
(Magnum X Destiny)
The puppy is AWESOME! We love her sooo much....she is such a good dog, especially with our little boy. She seems to understand that he is a baby and she has to be gentle. It is wonderful. Lucy named her Mia. She is getting so big. I will try and send you all some pictures when I get a chance.
Take care~Jenny
(Magnum X Destiny)
Hello Anita,
Nick is doing GREAT. Last month we were at the vet and he was around 82 lbs. We took him there last week for a training session and he is up to 95 lbs. So he is doing very well. He still has the "growing pains" and they said this can last till he is two. I still think he thinks he is human. He loves playing chase. Training is going very well, he is soooooo smart. My trainer just raves about how well he picks up on it. We are now in advance training and will be doing some protection training with him. It is worth every penny.
Take care, Christie
(Magnum X Destiny)
Hi Anita,
Hope you and your family had a great Christmas and New Year's celebration. Sorry I haven't sent any updated pictures until now. I've had it on my "to do" list for ages. I sent 2 of Abby's 1 year Birthday party, and 1 from yesterday. Hopefully all her brothers and sisters are doing as well as Abby is. She is great with the kids and neighbors. She is still doing great with the crate. She's only closed in it when we're gone, she usually likes to be where ever I am. She is a "Daddy's Girl" for sure. Dena,Collin and Logan wish she would listen to them like she does me, but that'll never happen. The boys keep wanting to come down and see more pups. I've told them not to get any ideas of bringing any more home. It's kind of like babies, they are great to hold and to look at, but we don't need any more of those either. We've been checking your website every now and then to see the other litters. Everything looks great. We'll call and stop by sometime to see more pups.
See ya,

(Magnum X Destiny)
I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how well Maya is doing, She is so wonderful, she  loves us, and is already becoming protective of her land and us. She has a great sense about her, for instance, she LOVES everyone, but the other day, I took her to the pet store by myself, a man walked up to us (he gave me a creepy feeling) Maya must have picked up on that because she growled at him and wouldn't let him come close to me.She put herself between him and I. I couldn't believe it, made me feel safe, but that is the only time she has ever done that. Other wise she licks everyone to death! LOL She absolutely LOVES kids, when a small child comes around her to pet her, she is so gentle. Maya and my 4 yr old son are best of friends, she is in some way a babysitter to him. When they are outside she won;t leave him, they even dig together in the dirt. It is so cute, Justin tells her where to dig.....it is the cutest thing. Thank goodness we love Maya so much, because I have holes all over my yard. LOL
She is getting so big, she weighs a whopping 55lbs. and isn't even 6 months yet! Oh about 2 weeks ago, Maya was riding in the car with me and a lady pulled up beside us at a stop light and tried to buy her from me. She offered me $500.00 on the spot, I told her that Maya wasn't for sale, that no price would change that. The lady even tried to give me her phone number if I changed my mind....like that is going to happen, but anyway that was a big ego boost! HEHE!!!!
Well I hope all is good there, I bet you have been busy with all of those pups! Talk to u soon! Rachel
(Magnum X Destiny)
Hi! Jack is doing really well, and we absolutely love him! We have nothing but praise for your kennels. One great Jack story:  Chris was out doing work in our woods when some hornets came after him. He dropped the trimmer he was holding and also accidentally knocked off his glasses. He ran inside to take care of the stings he got. Jack was with him throughout. It was not until just before evening that they went back out to look for the trimmer and glasses. It was getting really windy, and Chris found where he dropped the trimmer, but couldn't find his glasses anywhere. We play a "find it" game with Jack inside all the time, so Chris looked at him and said, "find it". Jack went crazy sniffing all over the woods till he stopped at one spot. Chris went over and didn't see anything; then he moved some leaves away from a pile and there were his glasses! This being the first GS in the family, all our relatives were quite impressed. We are very proud of our boy.
Thanks again, Meg
(Magnum X Destiny)