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Blaz & Crok
I just wanted to write and tell you how much we have enjoyed our baby boy BO!  He is a bundle of joy, I have never had such a smart dog that loves everyone and even loves to swim in High Rock lake.  We are so happy with him, we are learning how to sit and lay and we have mastered sit but the lay will come later and still working on housebreaking but that is coming slowly .  Bo is very sweet and loving, he is very BRAVE in everything he does so much that it scares me sometimes.  He is amazing!!!!!!!!! We will send some pictures soon.
Thanks for everything,
Gus, Missy, Grant, Shawn & BO

Hi Ms. Anita,
Nova is such a wonderful addition to our family.  She is so smart and is getting bigger by the minute, 28.6 pounds this morning.  The vet loves her to pieces and the technicians "woo" over her when she comes in. Our two other babies love her too....our Great Dane is the observer and watches her play, checking in every once in a while if she's being too quiet.  OurWeimaraner is her best friend and partner in crime.  They love to wrestle, chew on sticks outside, and gang up on their sister.
Here are some of her latest pictures.  Her color is just gorgeous, getting more red around her scruff, and she is getting some of her adult fur on back and tail. I think she will look a lot like Blaz in a few more months! Give lots of love to all the babies on the farm!
Love, The Carpenters
Beka, Aaron, Dallas, Rylee & Nova
Hey Anita,
A couple of pictures attached taken today.  She is doing very well, playing  with the other dogs mostly.  She is very alert and sometimes feisty, not to mention smart.  She has taken to Patty from day one. 
I'll send more pictures in a couple of weeks.
Steve and Patty
Hey Anita,
I am very sorry I haven't written you about Crosby.  He has kept me busy since the day he got home.  He was in Gator and Blaz's litter in March. He  is now almost 8 months and around 70 pounds and stands at 25 inches. The vet told me he would probably reach 80 pounds or more.  He is definitely a companion dog who would stay at my side even if a squirrel runs in front of  him.  He is a quick learner and was the head of his puppy class.  He gets complements on his beauty everywhere we go.  He gets along with every dog  he's ever met, and has never shown any signs of aggression.  I don't think  he will ever make a great guard dog, but I love him anyway!  Crosby is  still very much a puppy but can settle down when it's time to relax.  He surprises me every day with what he can do.  I have attached some photos of him from 9 weeks up until Halloween.
Samantha  & Crosby
Wanted to send you some pics of Baron (From Gator & Blaze's litter). He's almost 4 months old now, and all of a sudden he doesn't look like a puppy anymore! He loves to play ball, and he's starting to get the hang of giving it up after he retrieves it :) He was really no problem at all to house train, he's a smart boy and picks things up fast. The only thing we're really having to work on is that he wants to put his mouth on everybody and everything. He doesn't really bite, but those teeth are sharp! We're working with him on that and slowly making progress. He goes back to the vet on Thursday to get his first rabies shot, so we'll find out then how much he weighs. I think he's well over 30 lbs.
I couldn't ask for a better dog, and we are thrilled ot have him as part of
the family. Thanks again!
Anita and Kenneth
Kannon  > formerly amelia<is fitting in well with Koree , has caught a frisbee  once , plows into water to beat Koree to frisbee/ball, working on getting her to go off pier to retrieve, and actually  has made Koree start going off pier to  retrieve so Koree can beat Kannon to the ball! Koree is so much quicker she always beats Kannon to the ball/frisbee but  Kannon takes it when she gets there! shes Loves her cage at night , and her pin during the day while I'm gone, Not destroying much, but has started getting into other stuff rather than  their toys!! Overall A+ , doesn't stray when Koree does, stays close to home while they  are out~and gets a good workout when we go out on the 4 wheeler !! Boy has this dog got it made!!
I absolutely, love him.  You can tell that he is my buddy.  If I go in the shop to work, no matter how long, he will be waiting on me to come out.  He listens  to me very well, if he and Maggie come in the carport, all I have to do is point to the door and he is gone.  He is very smart, he knows when the underground fence collar is off, he can go out of the yard.  He has never gone out of the yard with it on.  When anyone comes up you can see him studying them, he will get between us and whoever comes up and watch them very close.  Both he and Maggie have been great addditions to our family. He is also very pretty, I love his colors.

hey anita hope your doing well. just wanted to let you know vita is doing great! really good as far as going potty she already lets me know she has to go by crying to me. attached is a photo of vita kinda blurry i took it on my phone.
ALL PRAISES AND THANKS!  Day 3.  This puppy exibits great confidence and intelligence. She immedietly took to home and is picking up VERY well on potty training. see enclosed pic of the 2 younger kids & her i caught before they woke up. (this is where she sleeps) Amazing how well she took up here. no whimpering at all except for potty warning.
again,thanks!!!   nick
Thank you so much for assisting Susan in picking the perfect gift for me. He will be registered  as "Samuel the Prophet", or, simply known by his working name, Sam. He has his first puppy checkup this afternoon. Would love for you to e-mail me the pics that you took of Susan and Sam for me to hang on to as a reminder forever of one of the greatest gifts that could ever be received.
With Regards,

Anita - With Emmi approaching her second birthday, I thought you'd like to see  some recent pictures of her.  These are from right around mid February.  She's been a good dog, and has really bonded with us and Romy.  We can't take Romy any where without her.  If we do, you'd think somebody's being murdered in the  house.  For a while, we'd nicknamed her crash.  The poor dog seemed to be drawn to various ways to nick herself up.  We're always entertained by their antics, and definitely glad we have them both.  It's just unfortunate that we didn't get Emmi sooner.  At 7, Romy's not a spring chicken anymore, and she seems to really enjoy Emmi's company and playing with her (While she has the energy).  I hope all is well with you, and we'll talk to you soon!
Brian & Caroline
Hi Anita,
Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you!!! Although it's been a while, I figured you'd still like an update on Jessie. Her ball drive is incredible. I didn't really know what that meant until we got Jessie! She's constantly got one toy in her mouth while she plays soccer with a Kong ball. We had to build "bumpers" under all our furniture because so we weren't digging the ball out from under couches, etc. constantly! She is so funny to watch! She's definitely got some powerful jaws and the only toys we've found that she can't destroy in about 20 minutes is a Nylabone, her Kong ball, and a standard black Kong toy. She loves fetching tennis balls, soccer ball, frisbees, anything she can chase. (And boy is she quick!!!) This past weekend we had her in Lake Norman fetching sticks and I think she would have done it forever if it were up to her! We built a fence around our yard when she was about 6 months old, and she loves running around and playing with our miniature Schnauzer. Jessie has been a wonderful addition to our family. Thanks for being such a caring breeder - your love for breeding certainly shows in the quality of your dogs. We couldn't be happier! I've attached a bunch of pictures for you... I hope you enjoy them!
Take care,
Guinness is doing great!!  He has been having a blast and is doing GREAT with his potty training.  He had an accident or two the first day but since them, he has had no accidents.  I realized if I took him out the front door, he knew to go right away – I think that is because you did it with him in your front yard.  He is so good, we really haven’t had to do crate training at all.  He sleeps in his crate but otherwise runs around with us around the house or outside and I just make sure I take him out front every couple of hours.  He seems very smart and good natured.  He also is sleeping very well in the crate. The past two nights we have gotten up once in the middle of the night to take him out but he sleeps very quietly.  The first night he was crying in the crate but I realized if I put some clothing I had been wearing right outside and next to the crate, it really settled him down and he went to sleep.  The second night, he had no issues – just went right to sleep.  We are wearing him out I think.  He is an absolutely wonderful puppy – the kids are having a ball with him.
We’ll update you again soon – here are some pictures.
Hey Anita,
Bodhi is still doing fantastic.  Most of the photos are from this morning when I took him to the beach, to wear him out, before we went to the vet.  Sorry for sending so many, I couldn't decide which ones to send.   Everyone at the vet's office loved him, they couldn't believe how well behaved he was.  I took some poached chicken with me to distract him in case he got nervous.  He did great, he didn't even notice getting a shot (he really likes chicken).  They said he is doing great and he's weighing in at 13.4 lbs.
Thank you for all of the hard work you've put in to raising Bodhi for the first 8 weeks of his life, it truly shows.  He's a very fast learner.  I've already got him sitting at the door before I open it, and waiting for me to take a step before he moves.
'til next time

Our little girl is getting big. She had another round of shots on the 1st and weighed in at 18.2 lbs. I’m sure she will be smaller than her brothers, but that is okay- she’s beautiful!
As you can see from the photos, she has taken to being the watchful eye over our three Maltese. Hope you don’t mind me filling your mail box with pictures, but I just wanted y’all to know she is doing well.
#5 slept for 7 hours straight last night before he made noise to let me know it was time to go out. But when I looked in the dog crate - no dog ... he had somehow gotten inside the box I had put in there to make it his size. Nice he has started playing before wanting out - good sign. I wonder how long he would have let me sleep if he had been able to get back out of the box?
Now if I could just decide on a name ... hard to decide when he has teeth like a velociraptor and family named Gator, Crok, Blaz, Destiny ...
Hey Anita!!
I have been wanting to send you pics of our pup, Bear, for a while but with Randy getting home from Iraq and traveling to see family, etc, I just forgot!  He's been great with us, the kids AND his black lab sister, Aaron.  He's 31 pounds now (just saw the vet Friday) and is growing like crazy!!  We're working on commands and training and he does catch on.  He's SO laid back.  Our lab will jump and bark when people are coming around but he just kind of hangs back and watches.  Lately Aaron has shown him the fun of the kiddie pool so he does play in the water when he's outside.  We've fenced the yard in recently so the two dogs are able to run till they are totally pooped out.  Usually they'll play outside and he'll come in, go to the crate and doze off.  His personality is great and we couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family.I'll try and remember to send you updates more frequently.  :-)
Jen, Randy, Kaleigh, Keegan and Rylee
Blaz & Crok

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